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“Come.” Let everyone gripped with spiritual thirst say, “Come.” Revelation 22:17

Preparing People to Proclaim and Demonstrate God’s Kingdom

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Joining with other Kingdom Alliances to Equip the People…One Praying Voice for the Harvest.

Rebuilding the Altar of Our Nation

Joshua 8

State leaders of strategic intercession gathered from the 13 original colony states to worship and hear the Lord's plans for us in this new age. The purpose was to learn how to: 

  • Reach Out to Mobilize the Region
  • Restore the Root of God’s Covenant in Our Nation

Prophet Chuck Pierce declared at the meeting opening that the original foundation of the covenant of our nation was being aligned that night.

Prophet Bobby Conner spoke first. Truth has fallen in the streets. We need to rescue Truth (Psalms 120, 115:14-16). We get a body for the same reason Jesus had a body--

to express the image of God (Daniel 11:32).

Chuck Pierce:

Moving from a season of wisdom to one of revelation. The Lord is training us to stand and to press. We are in a rehearsal. This is a different time and calls for a different warfare. Stay under the shadow of His wings. Stand even if you do not want to. We are called to rest for 3 months and then war for 9 months. (He did not expound on this.)

This era is about the voice that comes out of our mouth. You determine the rule.

“The original colonies are my battlefield.” Every high place must fall!


A new wineskin for an explosive Kingdom Movement.

We are now moving from maintenance to one of revival, awakening, and conquest.

Chuck called everyone’s attention to Massachusetts and Maryland. Lean into prayer for the warfare of the Kingdom in Massachusetts first.

Then war for Maryland. Remember that Maryland is a beachhead for Washington, D.C.