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“Come.” Let everyone gripped with spiritual thirst say, “Come.” Revelation 22:17

Developing Generations of Leaders

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Revelation 22 Alliance

One arm of Revelation 22 Ministry serves as an alliance of churches and ministries gathered to see the Kingdom of God established and advancing. We desire to equip leaders in truth and restoration, touching the very heart of Jesus and ministering in the power of the Kingdom’s gospel.

Personal relationship-building conferences and seminars are held to teach and train throughout the year. We also work one-on-one with leaders, demonstrating how to release their vision and build God-breathed goals individually and for their ministries.

Revelation 22 Alliance is an integral function of Revelation 22 Ministry. The mission of Revelation 22 Ministry is to see the 21st century church firmly established on its Biblical foundations through worship, teaching with activation, and intercession.


The mission of Revelation 22 Alliance is to empower ministers by gathering together for strengthening, training, mutual edification, and building relationships under an apostolic umbrella.

Section 2. 


The vision of the Alliance is unfolding and progressive. It projects the shared strength of the Alliance.

  1. The full Ephesian Chapter 4 gift persons to the church will be evident.
  2. We will see the ministry of the 21st century church strengthened.

3.Individual ministers will be reinforced with apostolic covering.

4.The shared strengths of the Alliance are available to all members.

Section 3


(1.1) Establish an apostolic team consisting of Ephesian 4 gift persons.

(1.2) Publish and keep current those documents which describe the function of the Alliance.

(1.3) Plan and execute the functions of the Alliance.

(2.1) Provide for governmental compliance issues to be addressed.

(2.2) Address positions on Issues such as abortion, security, human sexuality, etc.

(2.3) Examine and recommend new venues of ministry such as evangelism and chaplaincy.

(2.4) Under the banner of the “One Man Anointing”, recognize and capitalize on individual strengths, anointing, and insights. Each person has a piece of the puzzle.

(2.5) Encourage members to share their uniqueness with others.

(3.1) Promulgate the teachings of the apostolic team.

(3.2) Provide individual counsel as needed, requested, and necessary.

(3.3) Deal with Church issues.

(3.4) Provide workshops for ministry advancement.

(4.1) Establish the Greater Baltimore Apostolic Center to provide services not available in individual ministries.

(4.2) Identify those services and ministries unique to one body that may be available to others.


Each applicant will be admitted on their own merits. Alliance Members will be active in some ministry. Credentialed ministers may transfer credentials to Revelation 22 Ministry or maintain their credentials where currently issued.

Ministers not presently credentialed may apply to Revelation 22 Ministry for credentials. Individuals, churches or ministry organizations may apply to Revelation 22 Ministry for affiliation or stay with their present connection.

Section 5. 


  1. Live an exemplary and purposeful life.
  2. Study to show yourself approve.
  3. Be available to the Lord and to your ministry calling.
  4. Keep a log of ministry activities and prepare and submit a brief annual report.
  5. Support the Alliance with an annual giving of no less than $100.
  6. Attend the meetings of the Alliance, including conferences and Maryland Prays at least twice per year.
  7. Minister regularly with other alliance members.

Section 6. 


  1. Apostolic covering for your ministry
  2. Fellowship with likeminded leaders
  3. Shared resources and expertise
  4. Counsel and advise of apostles and others
  5. National and international contacts
  6. Conferences and reports of importance
  7. Compliance and audit information
  8. If desired, 501(c)(3) nonprofit and church coverage
  9. Discount on registration fees for events
  10. Apostles and other ministers will be available to assist or substitute in an emergency or other need

If you are interested in becoming part of the alliance or need further information, contact us by email. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Melchizedek Priesthood.